Dwight Turner Bear ToursExciting news! Don’t Miss it!!

‘Go West’ & ‘Bear Tours’ will begin airing on KXLA, UTB & Japan Cable Cast in July. Actor Dwight Turner plays Nathan in this comedy about a Japanese man who moves to Los Angeles, doesn’t understand the culture or language, and becomes an LA tour guide.

The travel program “Go West” and the short comedy series “Bear Tours” will premiere on UTB (ch 18.2), KXLA (ch 44) and Japan Cable Cast (ch 700 in Japan). The two programs will be combined into the same time schedule and will air beginning in July. “Go West” produced by Elephant Production and “Bear Tours” produced by E.I. Creations unveiled that two different genres will merge into an interesting program on local TV stations not only in Los Angeles but also in Japan.

UTB (ch 18.2) : Los Angeles
Every Saturday 10:00-10:30 AM (beginning July 4)

KXLA (ch 44) : Southern California
Every Monday 8:00-8:30 AM (beginning July 6)
KXLA is available on most local cable and satellite services in the LA area (including Time Warner, DIRECTV, and FiOS).

Japan Cable Cast (ch 700) : Nationwide Japan
Every Sunday 10:00-10:30 AM (beginning July 5)


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