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Latest Projects

New TV Series!

Dwight Turner is cast as the Bridgewater Police Chief in a one-hour murder mystery TV series that begins airing this fall. Details coming soon.

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Dwight Turner Film Slate

Hiring Spencer

Dwight Turner plays the lead role of Stuart Spencer in Hiring Spencer. This film, about the 1960’s political consultant who ran the Reagan campaign, is currently in post-production.

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Dwight Turner Film Slate

Step Motion Step

Dwight Turner plays the lead role of Dale in Step Motion Step. This heartwarming film, based on a true story, premiered April 29th.

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Dwight Turner Step Motion Step

Bear Tours

Actor Dwight Turner plays series regular Nathan on Bear Tours. The show has been picked up by Japanese TV in the US and Japan. Currently in Season 2. You can view the web series version of the show here.

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Dwight Turner as Nathan in Bear Tours

True Colors

Dwight Turner plays Scott in True Colors. The film, which tells the true story of the creation of the organic cotton industry, is currently in post-production.

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Dwight Turner as Scott in True Colors



Dwight Turner plays the lead role of Ray in Semblance. This science fiction story about cloning leaves the audience thinking about the ethical issues doctors might face in the future.

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Semblance Dwight Turner


Dwight Turner plays Brent Stealmoney in Out-Sorcery which premiered at Comic-Con. Dwight joined his fellow cast members for a panel discussion at Comic-Con. Out-Sorcery is the story of who gets out-sourced when modern technology replaces his wizardry.

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Out-Sorcery Dwight Turner

Signing Off

Dwight Turner plays the lead role of Christopher Lambert in Signing Off. This science fiction thriller tells the story of a television producer and his attempts to keep his station on-air during an alien invasion.

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Signing Off Dwight Turner

1000 Ways to Die

Dwight Turner plays Lenny in this episode of 1000 Ways to Die for Spike TV. Lenny is running a ponzi scheme and the feds are onto him. Things go awry when Lenny receives a tip that the feds are on their way to arrest him at his office. What transpires is […]

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1000 Ways to Die Dwight Turner

The Deported

Dwight Turner plays Theophelies in The Deported. When Gianni, played by Nick Turturro, upsets a couple of border patrol agents, he gets deported and has quite an adventure returning home. Dwight worked opposite Nick Turturro, Talia Shire, and Kathrine Narducci in this film.

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The Deported Dwight Turner


Things heat up for actor Dwight Turner in this Chevrolet commercial for Europe.

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Chevrolet Dwight Turner

The Wallet

Dwight Turner plays Ray Foley, a down-on-his-luck guy who discovers a magical wallet that just might change everything, in this film shot in Seattle.

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The Wallet Dwight Turner

Cold Lang Syne

Actor Dwight Turner celebrated the new year every night in the stage production murder mystery Cold Lang Syne.

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Cold Lang Syne Dwight Turner